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Remote sensing applications for agriculture

EO-based Services and Products for Agriculture

Organized with support from the EARSeL’s Agriculture SIG:

Enrico Corrado Borgogno Mondino, PhD, Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences – University of Torino, homepage:

Francesco Pirotti, PhD, University of Padova, Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry, homepage:

A) EO-based Services and Products for Agriculture


  • EO data for supporting risk modelling and management in agriculture
  • Direct and indirect economic benefits of EO products and services in agriculture
  • EO data integration with other services (e.g. agro-meteo networks, phenological networks etc…)
  • Crop mapping for yield monitoring and optimization
  • EO data for environmental impact mitigation in farming activities – e.g. monitoring of the emissions of particulate matter and gases, reduction of impact from treatments, optimization of water usage etc….
  • Crop damage assessment for multiple purposes – insurance, the estimate of economic losses, etc…
  • EO for supporting Common Agricultural Policies (CAP)

B) Standardization and Certification of Data Processing for EO-based agricultural applications


  • Accuracy (spatial and semantic) requirements for EO end-products to be used in Agriculture
  • Potential standardized procedures for quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) about EO-derived products
  • Present and ongoing strategies for QA/QC from institutional subjects, Agencies and Companies; how do they face this topic?
  • Policies and regulations from national and international Agencies that emanate mandatory guidelines and laws
  • Automated methods for fast assessment of EO data quality for agricultural applications
  • Innovative methods for quality improvement of EO-derived products for agriculture